The world's first unique stable coin that combines an real peg by CBD with algorithm

What’s CBD CASH?

CBD CASH is the world's first real and algorithmic stablecoin pegged to "1gram CBD" and "1 cCBD".

With pegged proof of ownership from our partner CBD manufacturing companies, you can rest assured that you will receive the seigniorage of an algorithmic stablecoin.

Algorithmic Stablecoin's the first peg currency

cCBD = 1g CBD = $20 peg

As soon as cCBD is minted in the CBD CASH Boardroom, 1 cCBD = 1g CBD peg is secured.

The CBD utilized for the pegs is secured by a reputable manufacturing company, not a middleman wholesaler, to ensure 99.9% purity of the product (the company will be disclosed after the partnership is formalized).

When the price drops below the $20 stave, investors can exchange 1 cCBD for real CBD, and the CBD will be shipped directly from the manufacturing company to your home. (This distribution system is still under development.)

When the cCBD is exchanged for real CBD, the cCBD is burned.

A common currency for commerce

As a CBD-linked currency, cCBD has the potential to greatly expand the frontiers of the cannabis industry.

The more people recognize CBD CASH, the more robust it will become as a "payment currency" around the world, especially in the cannabis industry.

This will only happen if more companies join the CBD CASH movement. Initially, this will be done through CBD CASH's partners, and then through referrals from many participants.

Absence of Exploiters

CBD CASH is not a chicken game, where only those who can sell out quickly can exploit the profits. Every stakeholder who participates is making a contribution.

Those who participate in CBD CASH - a portion of the cCBD revenue generated each day is pledged to the CBD company, and you earn the remainder.

Companies that sell CBD - receive a significant cash flow boost in exchange for providing CBD.

A revolution in the CBD market

Originally, access to CBD and the cannabis industry was limited to purchasing products or owning shares in related companies.

Now, with the launch of CBD CASH, access to the industry will be expanded, and participating in CBD CASH will be like accessing the CBD market from the DeFi side.

The cannabis industry also has its challenges. While awareness is growing, there is still a segment of the population that considers CBD "dubious" or uninteresting. This is where CBD CASH can be a bridge to reach out to a different audience.

Those who buy cryptocurrency without knowing about CBD, and those who buy CBD without knowing about cryptocurrency, are both contributing to the industry without knowing it.

The explosive power of bubble x bubble

The "CBD CASH" is a cross between the green rush of the cannabis industry and the DeFi bubble of 2021.

The convergence of the real industry of cannabis and the digital industry of DeFi has the potential for a tremendous big bang. It is a very difficult choice not to participate in this project, even though we are witnessing its realization.